About WiserHosting

Focused on providing outstanding levels of performance, reliability and affordability in the web hosting industry, we are determined to maintain the best possible quality of service for our customers. There are many web hosting companies today, and choosing one to host your website can often feel like a gamble. Decency and an ethical outlook are very important to us as too many online businesses appear to have the sole aim of gaining as much profit as possible, perhaps at the expense of customer satisfaction. That is why WiserHosting maintains a strong customer-oriented approach in the provision of website hosting services and customer care. And in effect this is also just common sense: the best way to build good business is to recognize the value of customers. Perhaps more importantly, WiserHosting.com aims to contribute to improved human relations, in business and generally on the Inernet by helping to raise the standards of service and customer care.

WiserHosting.com hosting platform is based on Linux servers running Apache, PHP and MySQL, housed in state-of-the-art datacentres based in London, Manchester and Hemel Hempstead (UK), incorporating every measure of security and redundancy that you would expect in the 21st century. Server monitoring ensures your data is kept safe and that your hosted websites maintain maximum operational status. Connectivity to the datacentres is supplied from diverse telco carriers representing in excess of 25GBps (gigabit per second) bandwidth in total. This ensures excellent network transfer speed and high continuity of service. Each cabinet is independently monitored for enivronmental conditions and fire protection. Power conditioning and generator backup provide security against power failure.

The WiserHosting.com offices are based in Totnes, amid the rolling hills of  the South Hams  in Devon (UK), and we have been in business here since February 2002.

WiserHosting.com is committed to a code of ethics:

All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate. All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed. The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty. All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance. All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive.Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance, we will be glad to be of service.